Mr Blax Myth
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Previously with the SAMA nominated rap group Baphixile, veteran rapper Mr. Blax Myth is poised to unleash his debut solo album during the 1st quarter of 2013. Aptly titled Good Space Vol.1 the well packaged 14 tracked offering features some of the rapper’s best work to date. Creative, musically matured and packed with high-end entertainment content, Good Space Vol. 1 is set to appeal to a wide audience base with its diverse track listing. “From love songs, party tunes and even personal and spiritually charged songs – the album has it all” says the veteran.

Famed for incepting MoTswako (“South African Rap Music”) with his formed band, Mr. Blax Myth insists “Good Space Vol. 1 is not the same of old and, I remain hopeful that audiences will appreciate the album!” Good Space Vol.1s first single [Pitoria featuring Magesh] typifies the album – as an ode dedicated to his hometown of Pretoria, its fresh sounding, cleverly scripted and riddled with the ‘Blax Factor.’ Produced and marketed by DV8 Records, Good Space Vol. 1 is scheduled to be in stores and available nationwide, by March 2013. For additional information, touch base at: Mr. Blax Myth on Facebook and Twitter.

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