Mr Luu & MSK drop new single titled IBIZA
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This follows their sophomore album.

IBIZA made its debut on Metro FM and is pegged to be Mr Luu & MSK’s next chart-topping single as some have already described the track as a smash hit and an “anthem”.

Working on IBIZA was such a great experience for us, we were very experimental with this one, we used a deck of cards to make the claps in the song and used a bunch of keys as a shaker. We chose a different approach for this one, we wanted to show our musicality as well as our vocal ability the same way we did on our first smash hit song 888

Says Mr Luu & MSK.

IBIZA is a fun, light hearted, musical dance song,

Working on IBIZA was super fun, I am super proud of the outcome and glad to make this song as our new single and hope it reaches as much ears as possible

expresses Mr Luu.

MSK shares:

Working on this song with just my brother took me back to a time where we felt we were all alone, no cosigns, no support from anyone

Stream or download the song: https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/ibiza-single/1460169431

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