Multifaceted & Eclectic Artist Amy Ayanda Is In Full-Course
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Hailing from the Mother City, Artist Amy Ayanda is this week’s alternative artist. Amy is unconventional, yet very refreshing in her approach to music and visual art. Her multimedia approach to music is what makes her a well rounded, full-course artist.

The Cape Town scene is known for its eclectic and otherworldly sounds which have infiltrated the rest of Mzansi. We see the Mediterranean and South American inspirations seeping into Cape Town’s music scene and artists like Amy Ayanda are taking advantage of this.

Graduating from Michaelis School Of Fine Art, Amy is now a full-time Artist and runs her own studio. Her paintings and prints draw inspiration from the local landscape, its flora, and colours. Images of proteas, fynbos and the familiar silhouette of Table Mountain recur in both her illustrative work and her more impressionistic canvas pieces.

While being a full-time artist as well as a mom she also dabbles in music as she has always done since she was in high school. Much like her art, her music is of an abstract nature. A mixture of folk music and electro which makes for an interesting listen. Her debut EP “Ports”, which housed her breakthrough track La Llorna is certainly worth a listen. See the video below.

Check out ‘Golden Lines’ by Amy Ayanda below.

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