#MusicNews: The Amapiano Trinity Semi Tee, Njelic & Kammu Dee Team Up On ‘Stayela’
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We look at new music from the one and only Semi Tee, who is assisted by his frequent collaborator Kammu Dee and Njelic to bring you a single titled “Stayela”.

The three rose to fame in a significantly short time, through the help of their 2019 hit singles namely “Shesha Geza” and “Labantwana AmaUber“. In addition, they have made a major impact and have brought along a new wave of house music producers and entertainers with them to the forefront.

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Now Semi Tee, Kammu Dee, and Njelic teamed up for a new release title Stayela. which is part of a grander album release that will be available sooner than later from Semi Tee. This will mark his first debut as a solo artist.


If you know any song from Semi Tee, then this song will not surprise you. It carries all the elements associated with his music. The darker ominous sounds, the heavy bass, and tracks that have almost no highs.

The album is available for pre-order on itunes.

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