#MusicNews: A-Reece To Feature On EP 1 Of Khuli Chana’s Music Doccie Series
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A-Reece will be the first guest to appear on The Originators, which will air next week Monday

A-Reece set to feature on the first episode of Khuli Chana‘s music doccie series, The Originators, on Trace as the first guest on the show. The show is expected to air on Trace Africa at 6pm on the 2nd of November.

Khuli Chana took to social media to share the news along with a short clip of the episode.

“It’s OFFICIAL!!! We got @theboydoingthings on our 1st episode of #TheOriginators @tracesouthafrica 2nd November Monday 19:00pm @traceafrica_ 8Nov Sunday at 18:00pm”. Chana went on to say that he is honoured to have the young rapper on the show. Adding that he and Reece have taken the road less traveled as independent artists and that’s what they shared.

A-Reece is a mysterious figure in SA Hip Hop as one of the frontrunners in the industry. Affectionately known as The Boy Doing Things, A-Reece rarely gives interviews so this sit-down with Khuli Chana is a welcomed and highly anticipated one. He will share an in depth perspective about his journey, how he almost became a Law student, the Ivyson tour incident, and also about the fight that nearly broke out after a gig with Flvme.

A-Reece is indeed a rare breed and we can’t wait to see him finally embrace the spotlight again. His album, PARADISE 2 is expected to drop later this year.

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