#MusicNews: ASAP Shembe Announces New Project, “AMAREKERE”
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Eclectic music artist, ASAP Shembe has announced that he will be dropping a project titled AMAREKERE, on Freedom Day, the 27th of April 2020. The inventive rapper whose take on music is often as bold and creative as his name, took to his social media to release a short video to give light to the project.  

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In the short video shot by NkabaReload, ASAP Shembe can be heard grappling with the reality of being a black man in South Africa and the hardships that come with trying to make your life better. He questions why the colour of his skin has to make things difficult for him. He ends off the short clip with asking The Almighty for forgiveness, stating that those that know him well will forgive him too for what he is about to do or may have done.


He captioned the video with this: “Something I’ve been questioning myself about lately is how sometimes we get into psychic wrestling matches with the little voice in our head that chips away at our confidence and pushes up doubts kodwa into eng’fanele ngihlezi ngikhumbula ukuthi where doubt sits triumphant. Actions go undone.”

AMAREKERE, a colloquial term for an elastic band, comes after Shembe’s strange and alternative, Insila EP. The Trap influenced offering saw him express the life and struggles of an urban black man grappling with grime of the city. 

Although he hasn’t specified if this is a music project or a documentary, we are highly anticipating it and we will surely keep our ear on the ground for any updates. 

Listen to Insila below!

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