#MusicNews: Check Out ‘uThando’ By Sounds of Africa, Soulful G & Shaun 101
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The highly anticipated collaboration between SOA-Sounds of Africa (Mandla Mashakeni), Soulful G (Gugu Bikani), and Shaun 101 has unearthed a banger of a track titled uThando. The hitmakers released this eagerly awaited single recently – which Amapiano enthusiasts have been actively waiting for. The song seeks to spread love (uThando) to many during this time of despair.

UThando is currently making rounds in the Amapiano streets, painting them red, symbolising love. The trio from Soweto, Diepkloof grew up together and later shared a common interest and passion in music; which brought them together in their lives. Soulful G (vocalist) and SOA Mattrix (producer) had worked together prior to this current project and they invited Shaun 101 (DJ and producer) to be a part of the project “Uthando”. With the birth of ‘uThando’, the trio have also gone onto working with Shaun101 in his album, scheduled to be released in early spring.

It didn’t take the talented trio longer than three months to complete their projects together. Smooth- sailing through their projects, the team was overwhelmed with the love and support received when the public heard a snippet of uThando on Shaun 101’s mix for a radio station. The public “demanded” for the release of the song which left the trio no choice but to give the people want they want.

The trio has great hope that the song will reach the hearts of many and revive in them the love that has been clouded by loss during the pandemic. Uthando will be available on all digital and streaming platforms from the 17th of July 2020. Stay glued to their social media for more information regarding the single as well as upcoming projects.

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