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My Love vs. My Hate for her

He sees her part from her friends, laughing joyful and so high on life. she stands tall on her heels, tall as mountain tops or valley hikes her teeth glow as she smiles. A smile o so perfect it warms his heart/ her legs as long as winter nights, she glides across the street & it almost glitters from part to part/ she flicks her silky hair from side to side allowing it to flow like the perfect summer wave/ her eyes o so mesmerizing & enchanting they possess powers that turn the bravest men into unwilling slaves/ He knows this for he has long observed her and seen how the even the brave, pave and part like the red seas/ bowing and kissing the ground she walks on, they fall on hardened knees/ BUT he wasn’t about to bow/ for he had long since played this game and to lose, he did not know how/ his belly bulges out his stomach almost like a lion preparing to eat/ his eyes razor sharp hardened steal, he’s targeted his meat/ saliva oozes off his fangs, like ripened pus, as he snarls in delight/ for even with her enchanting might, he knew she stood no fight/ and now that he had her firmly in sight/ cock-locked & ready, he’d penetrate 1st, before sending her soul into elevated flight/

Written by @MfundoGcabashe1

  • rapist hard!

  • too dope,im gonna tag myself on this 1


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