Mysterious House Outfit, Dahl Hates Disco DROPS Some People EP
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An air of mystery seems to surround electronic South African newcomers Dahl Hates Disco.  Is it a concept? Or maybe a music collective? Or are they rather an experiment of sorts? Perhaps. For now, nobody really knows. They bring us their Some People EP and the freshness is too much to contain.

Dahl Hates Disco are something of an enigma and this has nothing to do with the fact that we don’t actually know who is behind the music. For real, these guys make music that is nothing like I have ever heard before; it truly sounds like a summer’s day at the beach- so chilled and surreal and special.

In mid 2016 they released their debut single Endless Motion (Come With Me). Despite a lack of social media presence and shunning radio interviews, the single ended up being charted/playlisted on 35 SA radio stations , Top 100 SA Shazams, music video on MTV, Trace, M-net, Club 808 and multiple reviews in local and international music blogs. How major is that?

The super mysterious music collective is finally ready to drop their debut EP, Some People on iTunes on the 22nd of September. They have already dropped it on Souncloud and it is available for streaming. Some People EP is a 6 track project that contains 4 original tracks and two remixes by internationally renowned producers namely Abicah Soul from Chicago and Cuebur and UPZ from Johannesburg.

In their debut EP, Dahl Hates Disco explores various sub genres within the house music soundscape including pop-melodic house, Afro house, and indie-house. Lyrically, they seek to avoids the cliché and mundane, and cover an array of topics touching on humanity’s inner search whilst providing a take on social commentary. All of this is leaving the overall message universal and open to the listener’s interpretation, as art should be.

Their next single is So Long and combines afro centric influenced house music production with moody pop-indie vocals reminiscent of bands like Empire of the Sun. It’s actually quite fresh and contains very apparent tribal influences in the drums and the percussion. Beautiful project and awe-striking music!

Check them out on Twitter and pre-order the EP on iTunes

Listen to Some People EP below!

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