Netflix vs Showmax
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The phrase that’s going around is that: “Netflix and chill is one D away from Netflix and chill” which ironically enough means that the Netflix D is exactly what’s currently happening to Dstv’s Showmax. That probably leaves Showmax getting drunk on a cocktail of the seven deadly sins; well perhaps accept for sloth, that’s if they want to redeem their image anyway.

Even though Netflix only officially launched on Wednesday night six January 2016, this did not necessarily stop South Africans from accessing VOD (video on demand) from Netflix, (we are at times an ungovernable bunch). Showmax on the hand launched sometime August last year, but apparently nobody seems to care about that. And as the saying goes: ”You can’t Showmax and chill” it just sounds too long, too admin, too boring and probably you’ll end up knowing what happened to that killer.

I guess however, that it depends on your desires, your budget and what you really looking to get out of each platform. They are both great, Showmax for example, according to Channel24.co.za Showmax has about more than 10 000 hours of content while Netflix has about 42.5 billion hours of content on the streaming service. Numbers don’t lie. Remember that famous George Orwell quote: “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than the others.” I have a sneaky feeling that that’s what might be happening round now. But in defence of Showmax and so called patriotism, Netflix is an international brand streaming in 190 countries, that’s a lot numbers being pushed, Showmax is not doing too bad for a local brand. Depending on how they managed themselves they could find ways of getting better. Oh, and for those that don’t know what “Netflix and chill” means, it’s a euphemism for wanting to get it on.

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