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New club in Sandton

Yeap you heard right, there is yet another new club in the plastic nightlife of Sandton and this one is a little different from the rest, situated in Benmore opposite the Boston media house the Aloko nightclub has a raw ghetto ambience fused with elegant sophistication at the same time. Aloko was hosting a women’s day celebration this past Wednesday as they was a live stage performance by the Uganda “One & Only” star Navio. Navio is that guy who gave an awesome performance at the Big Brother Stargame 2012 finale show last Sunday; he was accompanied by the recent big brother housemates and a lot of interesting individuals. I think this place is interesting in its own unique way, I love the fact that they only close at 4: am as opposed to a lot of Jozi pozi’s so that will give their competitors a hard time. For more photos of this event the zkhiphani.com fan page on Facebook.

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