NEW EP ALERT: Joseph Philemon- The Break Of Dawn
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Fresh rapper and producer, Joseph Philemon just released his EP

New wave recording artist Joseph Philemon is currently making a name for himself in the music industry with his new 7 track EP titled The Break Of Dawn. The body of work features Vuzu Hustle Season 2 Winner, Joshua The I Am and has production work from Zoocci Coke Dope.

Joseph Philemon has always been bold about his approach to making music. This is one of the things that caught our eye plus coupled with the fact that he is genuinely talented. The young rapper made several features on our site with the last one being when he dropped the video for Secret Lover

Joseph being at his lowest inspired The Break Of Dawn

The title of his new EP, The Break Of Dawn, comes from Joseph losing his confidence in himself and releasing music because of the rollercoaster journey of trying to becoming an established artist. He expresses himself in the music as well as how he slowly gained back his self-esteem. The concept of the project was “it’s always darkest before dawn, the sun will come in the morning”.

Joseph Philemon is very versatile throughout the EP that includes elements of rock/punk, pop and indie music. The presence of Trap is heard all throughout the EP but the mixture of other genres help to mellow it down. Sonically, The Break Of Dawn sounds great, Joseph has found his sound.

He has also found his voice because compared to his previous EP, Progression, The Break Of Dawn is more sure of itself, more certain of its influence. Joints like Faith (Interlude) and Emotional Moshpit were firm favourites while G.O.A.T sounds too fresh. Mom <3 Tattoo is personal and he lets into what happened when he almost took his life and his family dynamics. But also the faith that he had in himself and his talent. 

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Peep the EP below!

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