NEW EP ALERT: Sons Of the Eighties- 88 – 89 EP
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Hip hop producer and rapper duo, Sons Of The Eighties, return with a new EP titled 88-89 EP. This is the duos debut offering and features Buffalo Souljah, Cue and vocalist, Moledi.

Sons Of The Eighties consists of producer Louis M Songz and independent Hip-Hop artist KRSWRD who met at a mutual friend’s house in 2009 where Louis had gone to do production work. The pair joined forces in 2017 to form Sons of the Eighties to create South African Pop music to export to the rest of the world. 

Their debut single, Ntombenhle, dropped last year and received plenty of love from various radio platforms across the country. The song is a fusion of old school hip hop bass lines mixed in with bubblegum elements.

This sound is actually dope and reminds me of what AKA has been trying to do with his interpretation on the revolution of SA hip hop music.

S.O.T.E are an exceptional duo who use different elements of their music to connect with different audiences. With their new EP they aim to reach to a market that is beyond the “usual hip hop fan”. They may even be making music for a market that is not born yet. This doesn’t stop the pair from being excited by the new project and their endeavour for being the face of rap/pop music in the country.

88-89 is not a strictly hip hop EP, in fact it leans to pop heavy influences where the rapping is not punchline heavy and the flows are not as creative. The sound that the gents manage to accomplish though is commercial and quite laid back. This is different, but it works. 

Listen to the EP below!

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