New Heat Alert: Saudi- Make You Proud
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Saudi has been out of sight for a young minute now and the fans have been getting a little anxious. So the golden haired wordsmith decided to bless us with another one while we wait for the album. Titled Make You Proud, this new joint sees Saudi go a little deep and reflective. 

Saudi is hands down one of the most underrated songwriters who has his work out now with incredible influence and a clear and unique voice. We hear him on songs he wrote for the likes of LaSauce and Sjava. On this one, he takes us back to his melodic style while going a little deep and descroptive on the story telling. 

The first line is captivating and allows the listener to get a glimpsed into Saudi’s world:”I’ve done some things that made me ashamed of myself, I’ve seen some things that make me desensitized to death”. He raps about his broken upbringing and reflects on what began the spiral of the person he has turned into.

Throughout the entire song, he paints a picture of how his lifestyle affects his family and also how he wants to make them proud, despite all that he has been through and how life has changed his relationships with the closest people in his life.

The mood of this song is not sombre and hopeless but it is rather deep and thoughtful and Saudi sounds sober minded because he takes into consideration his mistakes and wants to make it right. 

This single comes in mad anticipation of his upcoming album, Drugs Inc. which is expected to drop soon. 

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