NEW MUSIC: A-Reece, Wordz & Ecco- L3 (Long Lost Letters)
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Have you ever heard of the saying that you are only good as your last game? In the case of The Wrecking Crew, this saying rings true. Three members of the crew, A-Reece, Wordz and Ecco dropped their joint project L3.

L3 stands Long Lost Letters and as the tittles suggests, it is as reflective and thoughtful as they come. Boom bap beats, playful melodies and wonderfully mellow synths give this album a nostalgic feel.

A-Reece, Wordz and Ecco are as fresh as they come though! These three are beautifully contemporary in their rhymes; rapping about their struggles but also their triumphs. They are refreshingly transcendent. 

The lovely thing about this EP is that these guys are not playing when it comes to lyricism and good penshipman. L3 does it’s job to introduce us to Wordz and Ecco as we have not yet heard them on full tracks. Plus it also helps that none of these tracks are shorter than 3 minutes which gives us the exact amount of time to get to know them and their sensibilities as storytellers.


The 9-track project was put together in a week and considering how short a week is, we have to give them props for the talent as well as the work ethic. It also came with very thoughtful instructions so when you cop it, consume it in the appropriate way.  

The album is available for purchase on iTunes. 

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