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One third of alternative hip hop collective Arcvde Music, Hoax, has dropped his much anticipated Mosh EP. Hoax, whose real name is Giyani Ngcamu, is a gifted rapper and a third of Arcade Music, along with Vitu and Subs, the in house producer.

Hoax has been dropping music for a minute now and his debut project, the Mosh EP has been the topic of discussion for a while now. The title comes from the sound he and producer Subs have labelled Mosh, which has trap drums and is house and kwaito music influenced. This bounce, pin points the gap between the two competing markets in South Africa and joins them together. They are trying to achieve equilibrium between the two sounds and hopefully export it to the world because it is unique and has never been done before.

Speaking of the EP, Hoax calls it an “introspective and unapologetic look at my life and experiences in the past two years.” He further says that this project was him talking to a 19year old him and guiding him through the trials and tribulations of the big city, Johannesburg. “Since the project has taken the better half of two years, of course with the coming of age certain views change as one matures”, he expresses.   

He also mentioned that the lyrical content conveys a message of self-fixing to become a more social and responsible individual all together. “Sonically, I am almost 100% sure there is nothing like this on the market. Some would classify it as trap, however we feel it is way more than that.”

The sound on Mosh EP is next level and Hoax does the most at articulating himself and self-reflecting. The storytelling is skillful and masterful and we can only hope that you are listening.

Link up with Hoax on his Facebook. and Twitter accounts. Also check him out on his Soundcloud for more on his music.

Cava the EP below!


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