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New Music- Chino El Vito- Tsamaea



Singer and songwriter, Rethabile Khomari Makakole, better known as Chino El Vito, has released a single titled Tsamaea (pronounced Tsamaya) which means journey in Sesotho exactly a month ago.  So eloquently written, the song epitomizes personal growth in its entirety.  

Chino El Vito studied music theory and guitar for three months at Ladybird Music Academy and broke into the industry as a musician in 2013 and has been at it ever since.  Alongside with his band, Sticky Notes, Chino makes soulful music with a message and nuances of philosophy. 

Tsamaea is a song that takes you on a journey through music – a journey that allows you to lay back and enjoy the trance being created through the melodic background harmonics performed by Chino El Vito himself.  The spirituality in the content of the song and the way in which it is delivered is what gives the song the type of full body it possesses.

The first verse breaks down the metaphysical abilities that Chino El Vito possesses in his style of writing.  On this song, Chino El Vito went out of his way to strike a balance between the seriousness of our current state as Africans while at the same time, giving his listeners something to unwind to. 

The message carried in the song is that of personal growth put metaphorically behind the lyrics that remind us of the capabilities that we were born with, while doubling up as a slick retelling of our movement from the heart of Africa through the valleys and the peaks of our unique landscapes. This is the first single to be released from Chino El Vito’s recently completed album titled Black Crown

The song will be available for download on iTunes, Audiomack as well as Google play. Link up with Chino on Twitter and Facebook for more updates on the music. 

Listen to the song below!

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New Music

LISTEN: PatricKxxLee Drops New Single, Ghosts Love Me



PatricKxxLee addresses depression in Ghosts Love Me

Zambinan-born PatricKxxLee has been going through a rough patch. Having checked himself into rehab for depression two weeks ago, he now asked his manager to drop Ghosts Love Me

Classified as “Goth Trap”, the multi-talented artist and producer states:

“I made this track in my darkest moments.”

The short song is about the voices in his head persuading him that suicide is the answer. They say lines like: “You should just end it all now”. He also raps about feeling that all is lost anyway. He continues that he’s no longer scared to follow through: “I see ghosts in my room, and I ain’t scared of them”, “Fuck it I started, I might as well finish”.  

While Ghosts Love Me is not included in his upcoming album Nowhere Child, the track still somewhat serves as a preamble for the emotionally charged and highly anticipated project dropping later this year. Patrick says the album will be a brutally honest summary of all the self-contemplation he’s been going through lately, and a radical new sound. 

Patrick’s message for those battling depression

Patrick’s been battling depression for a while now and this song is a small summation of that. Depression is a little talked about taboo topic, and yet it’s widespread among the Youth. A lot of Patrick’s music addresses depression and related substance abuse, in a hope to make others going through a similar experience feel like they are not alone. 

Instead of disappearing in secret, Patrick wanted to make a statement that it’s okay to seek help when things get too rough. He hopes to encourage others not to suffer in silence. After weeks of excessive drinking and contemplating suicide, he checked into a clinic for treating his depression a few weeks ago. We hope he gets better.

Listen to Ghosts Love Me below! 







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