NEW MUSIC: Loui Lvndn Release Bass Heavy New Single, I Got You
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Loui Lvndn is well known for his absolutely mind blowing music and out of the box conceptual videos. The talented singer and songwriter released his latest single titled I Got You, taken from his album.

Loui Lvndn reveals a more vulnerable and imploring side of himself in I Got You setting the scene around 4am. This is right after the party ends and he only has one thing on his mind- the booty call. I Got You is a “high gloss, dark pop landscape” which then becomes a playground for Lvndn’s sultry vocals.

I have to agree, there is something overwhelming and urgent about his vocals on this song. He has the capacity to go to a very dark place and creates a mood that sucks you in. The song,“backed by funk guitar, fanciful strings, neon bass and the bounce of the 808” is a thrilling experience.

Loui Lvndn delves deeper into the theme and explains: 

“The song is about a booty call – haha. The 4am phone call is a call I’ve made on more occasions than I’d like to admit. I’m referencing that girl who I’m not really in an official relationship with, and I really wanna keep it that way, but she still is the first thing I think of when the night is done.”

“When I sing I Got You I’m letting her know that she shouldn’t look further for love in the night. It’s a relatable balance between desperation and desire, I think. There’s been a girl(s) I had this kind of affair with, but all that’s in the past now, my princess is in my castle.”

Loui Lvndn expresses that the “super funky” and mysterious elements of records such as Pharrell’s Get Lucky inspired this particular song. “I wanted to tell that late night call story and what immediately came to mind was a playfull and flirtatious sound, tentative but needy, over the top yet simple,” he says.

The release of I Got You follows debut track Kill Her Killer, cop the album on all major digital platforms. 

Stream I Got You below!


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