NEW MUSIC: Rapper & Producer, Roy Charamba Drops Girlfriend
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After months of silence, Roy Charamba is back and he’s finally dropped his first official single under Mi-Stro Records titled Girlfriend  

Born and bred in Zimbabawe, Roy Charamba is rapper, producer and self taught-engineer who is based in South Africa. We have featured him on the site before when he dropped his Trap influenced party song, Drinks. 

Roy raps about partying, having fun and hooking up drinks for his squad in this song. If you have ever partied hard, you will mos def relate to this. He has also dropped Woes and You Know which were well received. 

And now, he brings the heat in his mellow Trap Soul song, Girlfriend. In this banger of a tune, Roy expresses in dialogue, a love affair gone wrong between himself and  his side chick. With no remorse he fends her off to protect his relationship with his main chick, at her expense.

This song sounds so cruel but it is refreshing to know that Roy explores often overlooked themes in music. I mean, this is a reality that most 20 something year old’s face. 

The sound on Girlfriend is way different from anything that we have heard him on. Girlfriend sounds smooth and laid back and I suppose the mood of the song fits the sound. The beat sort of creates a suitable atmosphere for him to express himself and be heard by the listener. 

Without saying to much, check out the link below and share it on your social media. Girlfriend is available for purchase on all digital music platforms! 

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