NEW VIDEO: AKA & Yanga Chief Finally Unleash Visuals For Jika
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Just when we thought AKA is chilling and enjoying the massive success from his 3rd studio album, Touch My Blood, he unleashes surprise music video for us. The music video for Jika featuring Yanga Chief is set to be the last music video from his album and it dropped today.

Much like the song, the music video for Jika is wholesome and light. Jika is a “wedding” song where AKA sings about settling down with a girl who he sees his whole future with. He sings: “Any day this life gon’ flash before your eyes/ In a girl like you I see my whole desire/And the way I feel for you can’t be described no”.

The music video, shot by Skystar Films, depicts AKA and Yanga Chief as old peeps in a luxury retirement home. They look like cool old people who wear the latest trends and snazzy get-ups. When a new lady joins the community, AKA makes it a point to impress her and a love story unfolds.

We see him performing for her, getting her lunch and driving her around. This makes for a sweet love song and paired with a wholesome music video just in time for the month of love. 

Peep the video below! 

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