NEW VIDEO ALERT: LaSauce- Number One
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There is no rest for the wicked and the cats at Ambitiouz Entertainment took that literally! Vocalist and I Do hitmaker, LaSauce just dropped the video a joint she dropped last week titled Number One

LaSauce is steady becoming a force isn’t she? She kills the vocals on Number One and manages to do justice to the original, previously done by Gang Of Instrumentals. On Number One she is declaring her lover for her dude and how she will risk it all for him. 

The video for Number One follows the story of a couple who are on that Bonnie and Clyde tip as they rob a banks all across the hood. They get caught and chased by police and ultimately get caught out in a shoot-out. We don’t know if they survive or not. The man is hardcore and handles the threatening and violence, she on the other hand is the look out just in-case anything pops. 

The video is so well-shot and watches like a feature film; from the camera angles to how it is told as a narration of the story and the song as a soundtrack. LaSauce proves to us that she not only a great vocalist but she has good acting skills worth praising. She actually looks like such a bad ass who would stick by her man no matter what and that is all apparent in the video. 

Peace to Ambitiouz Films for the great work! 

Peep the video below!



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