NEW VIDEO ALERT: Loui Lvndn- Kill Her Killer
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Eccentric musician and multi-talented artist, Loui Lvndn is back with the visuals for his funk and disco influenced love song, Kill Her Killer. He released this song earlier this year and it still sounds as fresh as ever.  

Loui Lvndn explains the theme behind the song itself saying Kill Her Killer is about a guy realising that he has to get rid the part of himself that will inevitably hurt the girl who he finds himself falling in love with. The song begins by painting the guy as a heartbreaker, super bad, someone she should never love, and he is quite happy with that. Until he meets his match and without realising it falls in love.

The heart breaker in him is “Her Killer” and the song’s entire theme lies in the critical moment when he realises he has to “Kill Her Killer” in order for the new found love and happiness to stand any chance.”

Lvndn explains the video concept for Kill Her Killer, saying “The music video visualises the heartbreaker vs in-love theme of the song in a dramatic performance styled with an 80’s moodboard but with a contemporary grade. We open to see me holding my new found love hostage as police close in on the situation.”

He continues to explain: “The story ends to reveal that it was not in fact the girl who was being held hostage, but me, the cold-heartbreaker who has potential to hurt my new love, so “Her Killer” was held hostage the entire time. No police were ever there, just his startled love walking in to see the result of my internal struggle.

I’m shown in her place on the chair, unconscious – killed by her killer, suggesting that when I wake up (in the next music video) I might be rid of the young reckless heartbreaker inside and be able to love her wholeheartedly.”

With the song theme in mind, the video concept was created and production company, Pilot Films, delivered a visually powerful product. From the camera angles to the editing, the quality of this video is top notch and despite the simplicity in the locations, it is able to capture the essence of the song. Plus Loui Lvndn’s choreography in this is vibrant.

His album, Your Princess Is In Another Castle is still available for purchase on iTunes and all major digital music stores. Link up with him on Twitter and Facebook as well as Soundcloud for more on the music. 

Check out the video below!




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