NEW VIDEO ALERT: Stilo Magolide- Sefolosha
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Listen here, Stilo Magolide is the one! One of the original members of BoyzNBuck and a hitmaker of note returns with the visuals for his joint, Sefolosha

Stilo dropped the song back in May to some mixed reviews but the general outcome was positive. We loved the Trap influences of the song and how effortless Stilo was with the wordplay and flow switch up. And let’s not front, Sefolosha is a banger! 

The intrigue was initially on the unique name of the song and how it connects to the “grinding” prevalent in the song’s lyrics. The song is rich with elements of soul trap and a southern boom-bap that sees Stilo ride the beat with eloquence that only he can. While the featured guest, newcomer Truhitz belts out a performance of a seasoned “Hook Killer”.

Stilo never compromises on the quality of the videos he drops and Sefolosha is no different. In the video,we see the rapper looking dapper; rapping while holding a puppy, drinking Henny with fly honies and basically living the life. Almost as if the lifestyle he is leading is as a result to the work that he’s been putting in and now he is just enjoying the fruits of his labour. 

The new album, Tropical Jiig is expected to drop on the 8th of this month. You can pre-order it and do the things fam! 

Peep the video below! 


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