NEW VIDEO: Batuk Drops Deep Ocean Deep Visuals
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South Africa’s most eclectic duo, Batuk, have just released the second single from their most anticipated album, Kasi Royalty. The single, titled  Deep Ocean Deep, is a fantastic fusion of urban, soulful house, electronic and Kwaito music. 

Batuk are a creative force consisting of, Spoek Mathambo, Manteiga and Aero Manyeloy. The are a collective made up of a super star producer, theatre director and filmmaker; they are literally a creative powerhouse!

Simply put, Batuk are not your average group that makes commercially appealing music; they are something of an acquired taste. It is actually quite refreshing.

About Deep Ocean Deep 

Written by Manteiga and produced by Spoek Mathambo, Deep Ocean Deep is an evocative song which lends to the group’s general music aesthetic.  The music video for Deep Ocean Deep is an ethereal mermaid fantasy, written and styled by Manteiga herself and impeccably directed by Chris Kets, with Art Direction by Melissa Cutts, and Make Up Design  by Marchay Linderoth.

Batuk are thrilled with how both the single and the music video came out. “Our task as creatives is to choose imagination over fear, and to dive deep for the treasures that we seek. It’s like a deep ocean of discovery,” Manteiga said.  She further said: “Spoek and I are completely enchanted by the ocean and we wanted to create a song and video that dips into the aquatic life we so greatly respect.”     


Kasi Royalty, released via independent label TEKA Music, is available for purchasing on all digital platforms worldwide here.     

Check out the music video below! 



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