NEW VIDEO: J Molley Drops Visuals For Leader Of The Wave
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When J Molley dropped his EP, Leader of the Wave a couple of months ago, he stamped himself a force to be reckoned with. The young rapper has followed it up with visuals of the title track.

As we mentioned before in our review, Leader Of The Wave is a mellow body of work and shows us an insight and more broader feel of J Molley’s style and sound. It follows his highly anticipated previous offering, Dreams Money Can Buy which dropped last year. The new EP highlights and emphasizes that Molley is on a league of his own. 

The video sees J Molley cement himself as the leader of the pack

The video for this joint is well shot like a scene from an intense movie scene. To be honest, one can see where J Molley was heading with the direction of the video as one can definitely see this from the first scene. We see an old school car which looks like it has just been in an accident. The rest of the music video we see him rolling around town with his homies.

We also see him in several scenes where he is asserting that he is a leader, a trendsetter. He is speaking up for the people who have no desire to conform, especially in this music industry.

There are scenes of him run the streets with a crowd of people behind him who look like they are protesting. He is also seen gatecrashing a meeting at a record label like a rebel he is.

The entire point of the music video, from what we can see, is to change the status quo. J Molley is a different breed of artist who does not want to be trapped in the stereotype of being a rapper. He is not motivated by sales and P.R campaigns, he is speaking directly to his fan base. 

The video was well shot and BanzWorldwide handled that with J Molley who directed it. Peep it below! 



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