NEW VIDEO: Kid X Drops Impressive Visuals For Mtan’ Omuntu
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Still high from the massive wave of love he received when he dropped his long awaited and highly anticipated debut album, Thank Da King, Kid X pulls through with the visuals for his single Mtan’ Omuntu. The single, which dropped in May this year, features and is produced by Makwa Beats.

On Mtan’ Omuntu, Kid X raps about the love he has for woman in his life. He is trying to court her and we get to hear him finesse and actually become vulnerable and tell her how he really feels. This is a huge transition from Aunty in that Kid X is showing us his versatility and capacity as a musician who makes more than music. 

The music video for Mtan’ Omuntu perfectly reflects the song. It tells a tale of a man who is helplessly in love with a woman who is out of reach. To make matters worse, they haven’t seen each other in 2 years. He doesn’t have a car to go and see her and thus resorts to asking his uncles for a car to go and see her. 

What did we love about the video?

The video is really well shot and we have Ofentse Mwase Films to thank for that because they handled it. The things we love most about the video are these little touches of Ndeble culture. When Kid X walks out of the house which is painted with the famous Ndebele patterns we had our lives snatched.

We also love the grading and the overall feel of the music video. Just from watching the video, we felt like we were there with him and going through what he was experiencing. This was a proudly and authentically South African production with no unnecessary product placement to make it appealing. 

We also loved that they included a cutaway of elders in the Ndebele Culture. This is actually a big deal! 

They also included the legendary Shwi Nomtekhala in the story line of the video. What was also interesting about the legendary duo is the fact that they adapted their original song to Kid X’s story line and this reflected beautifully in the music video. This was a successful collaboration. Well done! 

Kid X’s album, Thank Da King is still available for purchase on all major digital stores! 

Check out the video below! 


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