NEW VIDEO: L-Tido Drops Visuals For I’m Back Ft. T Phoenix
Published 4 years ago by

L-Tido shows us that he is back in a big way. Not only through signing with Universal Music after 10 years of independence, but also with a music video that brings new life to the hip hop game. He just dropped the visuals for his first 2018 single, I’m Back featuring vocalist T Phoenix. 

The video for I’m Back has so much potential to be one of the best of 2018- that’s how dope the visuals are. T Phoenix creates a mystical feel as she enters what looks like a temple. She is dressed in a long robe with exaggerated tribal looking make-up and accessories. All this imagery is aided by the fact that her vocals are just as mystical and ethereal. 

L-Tido uses visual artistry to depict the processes he undertook to be back in the game. This is done with mirror images which is prevalent in the video. This is done so well and skillfully.

We saw multiple freeze-frames and a healthy dose of multiplicity as L-Tido shows that he can re-invent himself not only through his music but visually too.

I’m Back is taken from L-Tido’s upcoming album, 16V and can be purchased on all major digital stores. 

Peep the video below!


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