NEW VIDEO: Lady X Tells A Tender Love Story In iGugu Lami Video
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Lady X is a multi-talented vocalist and all round talent who has clearly made an impact in the music scene with her rich and distinctly soulful voice. She released her single, iGugu Lami a few months ago and although the sound has changed, the love she has received since dropping this song has not changed.

Lady X is best known for all the Afro-house and Tribal House songs she has jumped on with some memorable ones being Xivumba, Losing You and Who, to name a few. She has been hard at work in the industry and has worked with the likes of Cuebur, Uhuru and Black Motion to name a few.

When explaining the change of sound on Expesso show in October, she said: “I studied Jazz and I wanted to take this route that I felt like it was my true calling and that was Afro-Soul and Afro-Jazz”. This is exactly what iGugu Lami is- an ode to the soulful jazz of old.  

Lady X goes sentimental and real life in the telling of a love story which does not need money or flashy things to exist- even in the age of social media and materialism. This is the story of two young people who are in-love and who are building their lives from the bottom. The video is quite refreshing and well shot; well done to the team involved and Justin Campos for the direction.

Watch the music video below!  


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