NEW VIDEO: Rouge Addresses The Idea Of “Celebrity” in Her New Video
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When she dropped her debut album, The New Era Sessions, we were hella excited not only because this was a very conceptual project which included a lot of storytelling but also because Rouge was doing it all by herself. That is rare nowadays. Earlier this week she dropped the video for  her latest song, Celebrity.

Celebrity, much like the videos Rouge has dropped from New Era Sessions, is a part of the movie which is the album, the visuals for which are carefully considered and thought out. The videos for Deja Vu and Arumtumtum, for instance, have the right amount of grit and power without losing Rouge’s message.

In Celebrity, Rouge is the star of the show and rapping about what she thinks about the entire concept of “celebrity”. She spares no punches as she demonstrates, through very skillful lyricism, how the rise of fame and money can corrupt even the most humble artists. 

In the video she is dressed to the nines, gold chains and fur trimmed coats and all with flashing lights and dancers in the background with shades on- encompassing the “idea” of what being a celebrity looks like to so many of us. She throws punches at those celebs who take drugs but complain when the attention is on them saying that they wanted wanted to be famous anyway. 

The charming thing about this song and the video is that Rouge was able to put into this song the views that we hold but cannot begin to express. In simple terms, she does not hold her tongue. 

Peep the video below!


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