#NewMusicFridays: The Charles Géne Suite Release Vibrant & Earnest Single Titled “I Don’t Sleep Anymore”
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Taken from Suite Nites, I Don’t Sleep Anymore is a lively and earnest celebration of love by music collective The Charles Géne Suite 

The Charles Géne Suite finally present the first official single from our upcoming, debut album Suite Nites. I Don’t Sleep Anymore is a vibrant and earnest single that we first heard when the music collective released their first ever live EP titled TITLE: A Live Experience. The EP is a lush celebration of live music and all things alternative.

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I Don’t Sleep Anymore combines the talents of Rāms, Laliboi, Mangaliso ASI, SOMESAY- FEDI and Muhammad Dawjee representing a succinct portion of the Suite Family roster. 

The song blends elements of jazz, classical music and soul to showcase a testimony to creative music, a love and passion towards craft and sacrifice and the beautiful spirit of collaboration. I Don’t Sleep Anymore is what you’d put on after achieving that much sought after timely goal, it’s about making it!

Suite Nites has been the culmination of 3 years of special moments and events that we were able to capture through the sounds of the album. Jam packed with features from a cast of up and coming talents alongside established artist who are looking to make a new landscape for independent music and the conversation about musical genres as a whole. 

I Don’t Sleep Anymore is the opener with sincere vocals by Rāms, Laliboi, Mangaliso ASI and SOMESAYFEDI. With primary production by The Charles Géne Suite, the song closes with the final cries of seasoned saxophonist Muhammad Dawjee. “For us, this song opens up as a last rights and testimony to music, our love and passion towards what we hope to see for the future of ourselves and South African music at large,” they write. 

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