#News: Nadia Nakai Makes A Return To TV On New Culture Show, Gen Z
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Nadia Nakai And Thato Dithebo bring us pure culture content in the new Chanel O show, Gen Z

Nadia Nakai is set to make a return to television screens today as she takes on the role of presenter for Channel O’s new program titled Gen Z. The show airs every Thursday at 6PM. Its covers exciting pop culture content which is aimed at connecting with the teenage and young adult age group, hence the name Gen Z

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Nadia will be working alongside Thato Dithebe who is best known for entertaining audiences on throughout the week on YoTV Live. The two have formed a creative partnership which will bring every episode of Gen Z to life. Channel O has always been dedicated to speaking about the latest trends, playing the hottest music videos and having insightful interviews and Gen Z is the latest one of their programs designed to continue that legacy.

When asked about her feelings towards the show Nadia said, “Working on Gen Z is super exciting, I’ve always had a passion for TV. Presenting a show on lifestyle, music and relationships is definitely up my alley. As a millennial I have an eye for being able to compare how things are done differently between my generation and the Gen Z’s. Working with Thato has been exciting because he has such a fresh take on things much like the audience and guests we have on the show. Listening to their perspectives is inspiring, it inspires me and I wanted to share this with the rest of South Africa.”  

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