One on One With Beauty Expert – Lazola Ngangelizwe
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Makeup guru Lazola Ngangelizwe is beauty goals!

We had an exclusive chat with Afrique Beauty Lounge’s head makeup artist Lazola Ngangelizwe. The talented beautician shares her beauty must-haves and she also chats about her Youtube channel that she recently launched.

lazola ngangelizwe

Q: As a makeup artist, how do you handle difficult clients?

A: If a client is being difficult about the makeup, I usually try and convince them that the final look will turn out great and they should just trust me. Sometimes I ask them what type of look they like, and then try and do that. Most of the time they end up loving the look.

Q: What’s the biggest mistake women do when it comes to makeup application?

A: I think the biggest mistake women make when it comes to makeup application is not blending their makeup properly. You find that they don’t blend their foundation all the way down. You can clearly see that it stops right by the jawline. The blending part is very important, because if you don’t do it, your makeup will not look as good.

lazola ngangelizwe

Q: What’s your favourite beauty product at the moment?

A: At the moment my favorite beauty product has to be the Maybelline Superstay foundation. I absolutely love the coverage and it’s my go to foundation.

Q: If I have five minutes to do my makeup — what can I do that would make the most difference?

A: Eyebrows! They shape your face and frame your face which makes a huge difference! Personally if i don’t have the time, I normally do my brows and add lipstick.

lazola ngangelizwe

Q: You’ve recently launched a YouTube channel, what can viewers expect?

A: I’m so excited about my YouTube channel actually. There’s a lot I want to cover because I do not just want to do makeup looks but everything beauty related. They can expect to see tutorials on how to make wigs, skin care routine, hair treatments and styling. The viewers will get to know me and what I enjoy doing.

Q: What’s the one product you cannot work without?

A: The one thing I cannot do without is brushes, an angle brush to be precise. The angle brush I use it to clean up the eyebrows. Without the brushes, I can’t work properly.

lazola ngangelizwe

Q: What’s the difference between highlighting and contouring?

A: When you’re highlighting you enhance the features you want to stand out and contouring enhances your natural facial structures. You usually do that with a shade that’s darker than your natural skin tone.

Q: Who is your all time favourite makeup artist?

A: It has to be New York based makeup artist Aaliyah Jay. She’s also a Youtuber and I basically learnt how to do makeup by watching her tutorials. 

lazola ngangelizwe

Q: Where can our readers get hold of you?

A: I am on Instagram @lazola_n and on YouTube BeautybyLaz N

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