OPINION: Fanny-Packs Should Stay In 2017
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Menswear has seen great popularity over the past several years and everyone seems to be putting all the attention and focus on this young and developing denomination of fashion. With that in mind, we have seen some great fashion trends and some that are not so great, that made us wonder what was going on. 2017, was an eventful year for fashion, with the emergence of new brands that have paved an awesome road ahead of them, however, this also means a reintroduction of some styles we’d rather forget about, new styles that we are not quite sure of.

With that being said, we are still curious about the Fanny-Pack trend that came back in 2017, a lot of rappers, street style connoisseurs have pushed this Fanny-Pack/Side bag style to the max! It was all cool at first and very flattering but now it starting to get a bit tedious and lazy, to say the least.




Now, this trend took flight late 2015 with the rise of Grime and the ‘Tracksuit Mafia’  athleisure aesthetic in the UK, then hit our shores in CPT and Joburg where all the kids wanted a piece of the cosy action. It didn’t seem like this trend would catch stream and become commercial but I guess we were wrong. The trend has since become a uniform for the urban cool kid and it is becoming redundant. Our local celebrities who are down with the streets have been seen sporting one of these vintage-style pieces (e.g. Okmalumkoolkat). The problem that we have with this trend is that it is no void of its initial utility function, people don’t even put things in their Fanny-Packs!

2018 would be a better year if we saw fewer Fanny-Packs or people actually using them for what they are meant for. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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