OPINION: Is #Azania Reason’s Best Single Yet?
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Is #AZANIA the project that Reason needed?

We’re celebrating 24 years of democracy in South Africa and it is only appropriate that we celebrate this day in the best way the youth knows how… through the music of course! The timing of #AZANIA is nothing short of perfect, for both fans and Reason himself. This single features Hip Hop legendary producer Swizz Beats and iconic South African vocalist Sibongile Khumalo.

The song opens up with a line saying “Let it be known who I do it for” This very line had us reflecting on Reason’s career thus far and his position in the current rap climate. Many have questioned his relevance and his presence after his independence. When considering the immense competition of the game right now, it becomes inevitable not to compare him to his rap counterparts.

Without taking anything away from his ability, we can confidently say that Reason has not enjoyed the joys of mainstream success as yet, however, the forthcoming AZANIA project and the single will eventually get him there.

We suspect that AZANIA will reintroduce Reason into the mainstream. A co-sign from industry legends like Swizz Beats and Sibongile Khumalo will certainly give this project the attention that it deserves.


It should not be misunderstood, Reason is highly talented, with a musical ability that one can admire, however, he is not getting the attention that he deserves for whatever reason so having such heavyweights by his side may just be what he needs. African Hip Hop is on the verge of an international break and it’d only fair that Reason gets a piece of the action too. His last projects were not very successful in the sales department but this project seems to have a glimmer of hope!

We are excited to hear what he has in store. Let us know what you think in the comment section about what you think of #AZANIA.


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