PEEP: Popular Album Covers Re-Imagined With Covid-19 Messages
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Johnny Malepa and Tumisang Sithole combine forces to give us messages from some of the most iconic album covers

With over half of the world’s population currently under strict lockdown due to the Covid-19, everyone from musicians, health workers to politicians have been preaching strong messages of social distancing and well, keeping safe during these times. 

Brand strategist Johnny Malepa and graphic designer Tumisang Sithole have joined forces to reproduce popular album covers with the hope of mobilizing people to think about the consequences of social distancing and the kinds of messages they share or receive concerning Covid-19.

The collection of artworks covers all Covid-19 messages such as sanitizing your hands, social distancing and wearing surgical masks to protect yourself. It features covers from DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small’s Scorpion Kings Live with surgical masks on their faces and their name changed to Quarantine Kings. Kid X’s Thank Da King was remixed to “Stay at home” on account of social distancing. 

“I chose the most iconic artworks I’ve worked on. Whether musically iconic or design-wise. And FYI all the artworks used here, we actually designed the original ones as well,” Sithole says about the criteria chosen for each artwork.

Both were inspired by the seriousness of the pandemic and the havoc it’s wreaking globally, but why was it important for them to create an entire collection?

“I think it’s refreshing for designers to be in the forefront for once. And the cherry on top is that it’s to raise awareness to a global epidemic. The medium we have used is also humorous which is something we need right now. I urge all creatives to use this time to create too,” Sithole says.

To do my part in spreading awareness and encouraging those who are inspired by my content and artists I work with to stay safe”, Malepa adds.

This is the first edition of their designs and we look forward to more. 

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