PEEP: Top FIVE Beauty Products Vongai Mapho Can’t Live Without!
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She has tried and tested these awesome beauty buys.

Beauty content creator and lover of all things fine and dandy Vongai Mapho is an influencer that needs no introduction in the beauty field. She posts fresh beauty and lifestyle-related content on her self-titled YouTube channel and across other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Here are some of her favorite budget friendly beauty products:

Johnson’s Fresh Hydration Range is a must-have,

l love that every product is infused with rose water which makes it perfect for my everyday dry skin. Hello to fresh, healthier vibrant skin

She says.

The local beaut was mesmerised when she discovered this awesome Batiste dry shampoo,

l can now freshen up my natural hair and wigs without using water . Honestly it’s so freaking cool

Says Vongai.

A dry shampoo is Essentially a fast-drying spray that provides a water-free option for cleansing your hair.

So this means you can use it on days when you feel lazy to go through the whole process of washing and drying your hair, when you don’t have water,

She adds.

You can’t go wrong with matte lippies,

Who doesn’t like a matte lipstick that’s hydrating? l love that they are matte without making your lips super dry and crusty,

She says.

Ladies, who doesn’t like Mac? Most beauty influencers use Mac products because of the quality and a variety of products the brand has,

I’m a little obsessed with them because they are not just cute and perfect for carrying around, they also have an amazing price point that allows you to try out product at just a fraction of the price

She expressed.

Vongai is addicted to bold and bright colours. This palette range does justice to her signature looks,

I love that it’s versatile and has the ability to let you create all sorts of looks because of the variety of colours. Pigment is on steroids and has almost no fallouts,

She says.

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