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PEEP: Tshego Drops Visuals For “No Ties” Ft. King Monada



Tshego is both youthful and fantastical in visuals for No Ties alongside King Monada

Ever since the song dropped, the visuals for No Ties were always a talking point here at Zkhiphani. I mean, we all wanted to see what this unimagined collaboration would look like visually. And this is just based off the different music spectrums that both King Monada and Tshego come from. And we are glad to announce that the music video for No Ties is just as unprecedented.

Shot in 3 different locations, the music video for No Ties is not as deep in narrative but makes up for that in what it offers visually. In the video we get treated to 3 very different visual textures with the shades of pink along with good lighting, keeping as a consistent motif.

We first see Tshego and King Monada at a house, just chilling. The lighting is delicate and creates a cosy and more intimate atmosphere that almost invites the viewer in. We then see Tshego in the outdoors with nothing but landing stretching in each direction, a pink taxi in the background and lots of natural lighting. The visuals wrap up in a fantastical way when the two end up at a basement party with funky neon lighting and interesting effects. Creating an almost otherworldly environment.

Nate Thomas directed the music and helped to capture the youthful ambiance of Tshego’s brand. Everything from how Tshego and King Monada are perceived in the music video to the styling helps to put this into perspective. And it is also worth noting that the visuals for No Ties look like nothing that we have seen before.

No Ties is taken from Tshego’s debut album, Pink Panther. Stream and purchase the album on all major digital stores.

Peep the music video!

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