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Photographer in Focus – Meet Deen Schroeder



Schroeder is a firm believer that digital platforms can connect more people, inspire new ways of thinking, stimulate groundbreaking forms of creativity and fundamentally change the world.

Deen Schroeder is a Johannesburg based photographer and Instagrammer who is passionate about finding the beauty and inspiration in the every day.  

He firmly believes that everything has a powerful story to share and it is our responsibility to unfold those delicate stories with care and respect. 

Schroeder has developed a real passion for photography and community through his involvement on Instagram.  

As an active member of the local communities, he has nurtured strong relationships with influencers from every corner of South Africa and around the world. 

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As a professional brand strategist and true digital native, he has worked at industry leading companies in South Africa to create and build highly engaging digital campaigns.  

He consistently aligns creativity and business strategy to deliver real value to clients and on all projects. 

Schroeder is a firm believer that digital platforms can connect more people, inspire new ways of thinking, stimulate groundbreaking forms of creativity and fundamentally change the world. 

He said on his website: “It is our responsibility to pull the future towards the present rather than wait for the future to arrive on our doorstep.” 

Tips on improving your Instagram


Shroeder has given 3 essential tips to improving your Instagram feed. These are: 

  1. Follow the Light – Whether you are shooting with the cheapest camera phone or the most expensive professional camera, light is the most important thing to understand. The mastery of light is not something that you can learn in a textbook. You need to get out there and see what happens during Golden Hour (1 hour after sunrise and 1 hour before sunset), and Blue Hour (1 hour before sunrise and 1 hour after sunset), and to notice how the harsh shadows at midday can make for dramatic high contrast scenes or the way overcast days don’t cast shadows and are perfect for black and white portraiture. Study light play with light and learn how to master light. 
  2. Inspiration is Key – Even the best creatives in the world inevitably end up in a rut but learning to get out of those ruts is key to building a strong Instagram account with regularly updated content. I find that curating my Instagram feed will either irritate or inspire me, and I will regularly change things up to ensure that I am not consuming the same old same old boring content. I also seek out inspiration in other forms like photography books, shooting 35mm film, speaking to creatives in different fields, and seeking out new challenges. 
  3. Gear Helps, but don’t get GAS – Though this is true, I believe that if you are taking your photography seriously you would want to make sure that camera you have with you is your best one. That said, don’t let yourself fall into GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). It is an endless spiral that will destroy your bank balance if you let it. There is no need to buy the very best of the best, the newest and shiniest, or the most expensive. I have had my setup for about four years now. I have a Fuji XT 10 with a 35mm lens and the kit lens. Every photographer only needs one camera body, a wide lens, a portrait lens, and a tele-focal lens. The real trick is in deciding which to use at any given moment. Find the tools you love using, don’t buy everything. 

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See more of his work here. 

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