Photographer in Focus – Meet Self-Taught Photographer Basetsana Maluleka
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Maluleka left her finance studies to pursue her love for photography. 

Basetsana Maluleka is a self-taught photographer from Mamelodi in Pretoria.  

She started her creative journey when she was still at the University of Johannesburg studying something totally different from what she is doing now. 

Maluleka said on her Behance: “My creative journey began when I was studying Financial Services Operations at The University of Johannesburg and my entrapment and fear of being a creative because of the saying ‘artists starve’ finally my need for fulfillment spurred me to venture out into doing Photography full-time. 

“My passion and avid love for most things art allowed me to teach myself how to edit using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, as well assisting and shadowing other photographers has been a catalyst to learning a lot quicker.” 

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An emotional photographer 

She added that she always considered herself as a conceptual and emotional photographer.   

“Most of my shoots have to do with social issues that are close to my heart.  There’s a lot of planning that goes into all of them,” she said. 

Her objective is to create a body of work that provokes reaction whilst providing a voice for the marginalized. 

Maluleka is moved to action by the lack of representation for young girls and is committed to forging a bright, new path. 

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Her photographic eye is not confined to any one area of focus however her exuberance and passion are a through-line in all her images. 

“Although being a self-confirmed free -spirit, I took the plunge and started my company Shuttterbug Diaries Pty (Ltd) in 2015 and I’ve been freelancing ever since. I collaborate, assist and direct as many shoots as I possibly can, because the knowledge I can gather in a short period of time has been quite evident,” said Maluleka. 

Maluleka also prides herself for being a philanthropist. 

“Among the other things I do, I am a philanthropist and since late 2016 I have been a part of the Gifts from Heaven non-profit organization- which deals with alleviating poverty in communities and is an initiative very close to my heart,” she said. 

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