PHOTOS: Celebs who motivate us to get in shape!
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While winter may mean comfort foods and an over-indulgence of magwinya for you, for our hard-working celebrities on the other hand, fitness and body-sculpting doesn’t take a break! They say that summer bodies are made in winter, and we couldn’t agree more. When you’re in the public eye, image becomes everything – especially if you’re a celebrity with haters who are anxiously waiting for winter to end so that they can identify with your new unattractive tummy rolls!

To keep us, mere mortals, motivated, here are five celebrities we think give serious body envy with their winter training regime and bodies! May these hotties encourage and inspire you to get in shape, despite how cold it is, and how much you really hate gym right now!

 Uyanda Mbuli

Uyanda Mbuli has been jet-setting a lot these days! She took this picture on the beaches of Miami, Florida, just before she went for a morning jog with her “two babies”. Just look at that body; she is proof that, even when holidaying in paradise, you never skimp on your fitness regime!

 Unathi midriffUnathi2

Oh but do you see Unathi’s midriff? These are serious body goals ladies! Unsta has worked hard to get this body and we especially love her consistency and commitment to #teamfit

Amanda du Pont

Miss du Pont is known to be a fitness fanatic, and with good reason – I mean look at those arms! This pic – titled “sunset workout” – was taken three weeks ago, and proves that come rain, shine, wind or hail, gym is a non-negotiable for that killer body!


With a new body, comes a new wardrobe right? And this has been Zahara’s story recently! The “Loliwe” songstress has been hard at work and in the gym to ensure that when her alleged “fashion range” finally drops, she’s ready to kill it!


Choreographer and Dancing in Heels class instructor, Takkies, is all-round flames. This pic was taken recently and proves that there really is no rest for the sexy!

Let this serve as your #MondayMotivation next time you’re dodging gym and wolfing down stew and steamed bread under a blanket!

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