PICS: #BCWYWF Listening Session
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We got invited to the exclusive listening session of Anatii and AKA’s new album, Be Careful What You Wish For. We got a full run through of the 10 track album as well as commentary on what inspired the album and what the process of making the entire project was.

First off, #BCWYWF is a super melodic album! If you are an intense rap fan who expects hard beats and intense lyrics then don’t expect that. Anatii and AKA pulled through with a sound that is far from the “Trap sound” that we have gotten accustomed to over the years. Theirs is a sound that borrows from what AKA describes as the “Studio 66 in the times Mel B and Simunye, We Are One times. The guys wanted to revive what they call the golden era of South African music. That’s when Kwaito and bubble gum was at its peak and the South African sound was defined and had its own identity. 

#BCWYWF is a different album than what we’ve come to know from the two; it’s less lyrical and actually more musical than we would have expected. I’m not sure if that was a good thing or not! AKA is singing guys!! Singing! And harmonizing and shit! But the surprise is the amount of Xhosa that Anatii is using and rapping in; it’s actually quite impressive and somewhat unexpected.

Although this is not a review of the album, I will note that certain tracks got the sista feeling all sorts of lifted! Angelz, Jesus Plug and Bryanston Drive had the things that got the things to do other things to the mind! 

Be Careful What You Wish For made its international debut on Ebro’s Apple Inc radio show, Beats One. Ain’t that some major things though? 

Be Careful what You Wish For is out and has been listed as no.1 on iTunes as well. The dudes will be out at Zone 6 Venue tonight to launch the album.

The response to the album has been nothing bet positive with some praising the collaboration. Peep the reactions below!

Some people were not impressed with the album and had some “negative” things to say…

Will you be copping the album?



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