Prof is back!
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Pof Sobukwe - Prof is back!

Prof Sobukwe is one half of the ground breaking Hip-Hop group Baphixile, that pioneered rapping in African dialect mixed with English. This art form would later on be called “Motswako’. The group was formed in 1996 and went on to release 4 albums namely Ngoma, Kasiology, Apesam (Backwardz) and Deciduous (Dis-Cd-Us). Prof Sobukwe and his former partner then went their separate ways to venture into solo careers.

With time and maturity, Prof Sobukwe’s writing has become so burgeoning with wordplay, highlighting this wordsmith’s talent within his field and across the creative sphere. His ability on the microphone will send echoing chills down any audience’s spine. His often witty bravado and pioneering ways are ever present and evident. His commitment to musical authenticity is the backbone of his craft, which is largely why he’s remained inimitable; adamant not to fall to the pressures of conforming to modern day trends. This quality explains his longevity and it quickly makes you forget that he just got back from his sabbatical from the music game.

Fresh from the said sabbatical, Prof’s story telling abilities come out through this project’s entirety. Prof flexes his muscle as an MC and is a luxuriant Story Teller. Prof‘s musical influences are 90’s Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, Reggae and Kwaito. He incorporates these sounds through his careful and sensitive selection in modern beats.

Lyrically, his rich use of Tswana metaphors mixed with English gives a rich output of flow and lyrical content second to none. His Motswako is unique, enjoyable, good and easy on the ear.

“I’m a 70’s baby, baby the 80’s made me crazy/ The 90’s got me all shady and 03 birthed my baby.” he says, and the lyrics speak volume within this context.

The Road Less Travelled is Prof’s solo debut, which he has patiently been working on since his absence from the music scene. It features songs like, “Diary Of A Mad Black Man”, “Life To The Fullest”, “Sshhh”, “Boom Bap” and “Real Motswako Love” which gives a unique 90’s Kwaito nostalgic feel. “Propose a Toast” is a thank you to those that have crossed paths with Prof Sobukwe. “Ke Mang Yo” is the first single from The Road Less Travelled, the video will be released soon, and it will also feature “I like it”, a dedication to his and all parents.

He is currently promoting the single and album nationally through radio stations, TV, and electronic media. The production on this album is to a great extent mature without alienating any listener. Prof Sobukwe doesn’t shy away from his namesake by tackling socio and political matters head. His introduction to fatherhood, coupled with personal losses over the years has given birth to a prolific artist. His musical aptitude can be experienced every time he takes on to the stage. “If History be the judge then my life is here for all to see.”- Prof Sobukwe Prof Sobukwe’s style is the Couture of Motswako.

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