Racists are f*** cowards
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It has been a couple of days since I read about the racial discrimination incident that took place at the Virgin Active gym in Sandton and the occurrence is still gruesomely gnawing my mind as if it happened to me. If you haven’t heard about it yet then let me fill you in, according to IOL: a white man verbally assaulted a black woman, Liz Hleza, who is in her 50s, She was enjoying the music and kept shouting “yebo” as the instructor put them through the grueling exercise. However, a man in front of her was not happy about that. He got off his bicycle and confronted her. He told her to keep quiet and kept calling her a bloody k*****. He pointed fingers as He told her that she was born walking on four legs with a tail and that Liz should go back to the bushes where she belongs and make that noise there.

Before we get to the prejudice issue, as a man I wonder what kind of creature gave birth to this pathetic excuse of a human being that is if he is one to begin with, I mean what breed of a male addresses a lady like that? He has no form of respect whatsoever! No woman or anyone for that matter deserves to be spoken to like that, especially an elderly person. My mother is in her 50s and if anyone spoke to her like that I swear to God that I would hurt a motherfucker! I bet to you right now that had it been a black guy who shouted “yebo” in that gym class then that white racist wouldn’t have said anything till he got safely home to his wife or while having drinks with his friends coz he is a coward and he knows better than to publicly insult a black man, he took advantage coz she is an aged woman.

It is no top secret that this unknown guy does not like people with colour; The article also indicated that “Mr racist” is actually a lawyer. So we have an educated man who is fully aware of the consequences of his actions publicly outcry bigoted remarks to a victim in a room full of people? What does that say about our judicial system? The most saddening part about this whole ordeal is the fact that the gym instructor as well as the witnesses did not do anything about the matter as they carried on about with their own business like really? After 18 years of Democracy?

What does that say about the community? And to think that this all took place in “Sandton” the sophisticated up market area that is full of knowledgeable people, one would think that they are smart enough to stand against such nonsense. This proves once and for all that other black people who reside with whites forget about where they come from as they try so hard to be western thus they eventually lose their identity and become sell outs! Yes if you are black and you were in that room then guess what? You’re nothing but a modern day white ass licker.

The thing about most South African racists is that they have no balls, they might as well go to the nearest hospital and get castrated. Not so long ago the Democratic Alliance released a picture of a half naked interracial couple and the racist whites with fake twitter and facebook accounts said some disturbing offensive things about darkies. They used parody profiles coz the evil bastards are too scared of voicing their opinions using their real names coz they know that they are nothing but spoofs! If you wanna be a racist then go out and do it publicly! Be a man! Be prepared to die for what you believe in! Don’t hide behind phony identities whenever you have something to say about black people you bloody faggots! 

I say that the media and the Virgin Active management should name and shame the man who victimized that poor lady, taking into consideration that he is a lawyer; he should fully suffer the consequences of his actions. If he is working for a law firm then that company needs to let him go and release a national press release stating that they will not be associated with a person who behaves in that manner, if he has his own company then his clients and the people he is doing business with need to do the same thing, if he is working for government then he should be fired immediately. To all the racists who insult black people behind closed doors: I dare you to be a man, grow some balls and do it publicly or just sit your ass

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