Raplyf Merch Spotted In Wale’s New Video
Published 2 years ago by

When Kwesta collaborated with Wale on his critically acclaimed single, Spirit, we were all about it. Not only did we love hearing Wale on a Kwaito-esqe beat but the idea that an artist as established as him would want to jump on a joint with our beloved Kwesta was a great for us.

For his newest video for his joint, Staying Power, we saw Wale’s homie wearing a Raplyf T-shirt and we could not help but feel pride. The same way we felt when Swizz Beatz was whyling out over clothes by Maxhosa By Laduma and Run Jozi. We already know that Wale messes with our sound and we can only hope that he features more of other South African brands.    

Kwesta launched his clothing label in December 2016 through a distribution deal wit Brand Agency who also distribute clothing for popular Australian brand Nena & Pasadena.

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