Reasons Why You Need Lip Liner
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Lip liners are one of those make up items we hardly pay attention to. Beside not knowing its benefits, many don’t see the benefits of using this rather necessary beauty item.

Take your lips to the next level by adding a lip liner to your daily beauty routine and watch your pout come to life. Here are the uses of this make up item and a few reasons why you should be using it.

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What are lip liners

Naturally, a lip liner is a cosmetic product. As its name suggests, lip liners are used to outline the lip along with filling the outer edges of the lips before one applies lipstick. It is also known as a lip pencil and comes in varying colours as with lipsticks.

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Why you should use lip liners

  • Lip liners add more definition to your lips, thus giving you fuller lips – who doesn’t want fuller lips, right?
  • Lip liners help prolong your lipstick wear and prevent your lipstick from bleeding – we don’t know about you, but we don’t find joy in constantly having to reapply our lipsticks and certainly don’t want the middle of our lips faded mid lunch.
  • Lip liners can be worn on their own and in place of lipstick – simply fill in your lips with your liner and use a brush to blend the colour well.
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How to wear lip liners

  • Prime your lips and make sure they are smooth, clean and free of chapping.
  • Use a shade closest to or matching your lipstick colour and begin to outline your lips. Follow your lip’s natural shape and use short strokes while slightly parting your lips.
  • Go one further and colour your lips with the lip liner. Filling your lips with the liner before applying your lipstick will help lock the colour in longer.
  • Finish by apply your lipstick over your lips and you’re good to go.

Are you a regular lip liner user and see its benefits? Do let us know!

*Cover images from Beauty Secrets and You Queen.

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