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Redtops and stunners party


The guy who is famous for being famous C-ga Bopha was celebrating his birthday this past weekend at the flip side of Sandton in a very interesting township called Tsutsumani near Alex, the occasion was themed redtops and stunners party. It started at 12 in the afternoon but I got there at about six and I was right in time coz that’s when things were starting to pop. C-ga is a businessman, musician as well as an actor so I naturally expected to see a few who’s who of the media industry but I was surprised to see the almost forgotten child kwaito star Mzambiya, he performed a few old tracks and his latest single on which he features HHP, he announced that he will be releasing an album soon. I also had a chat with Thiwe Mbola(the lady who is the vocalist on Black Coffee’s “crazy” song) who said that she quit her daytime job to focus on her music, I can’t wait for her album, It was a lekka laid back Sunday kasi chillaz session…


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