A-Reece & Crew Get Into A Brawl
Published 3 years ago by

The past weekend seems to have been eventful for many, A-Reece was no exception. The self-proclaimed ‘Yung King’ was at the Hatfield Chesanyama in Pretoria for what seemed to be a decent night out with friends until they got involved in some nasty business. A-Reece took to Twitter to lay down the story as to what happened and how things got out of hand.

According to A-Reece’s series of tweets, he and his crew encountered a problematic guy dragging and abusing an 18-year-old lady who supposedly wanted to hang with A-Reece and his posse. The unnamed lady was dragged and slapped by a guy who was allegedly on a popular dating show. It is not quite clear what kind of relationship the abuser and the 18-year-old had, and he obviously did not appreciate his girl showing The Yung King and his crew some love.

The gang called the abuser to order by giving him a taste of his own medicine. Here are some of the tweets showing what occurred according to A-Reece.



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