REMEMBER when PRO was SA’s Hip Hop KING? #TBT
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PRO performing at the Channel O Music Awards back in 2012
PRO performing at the Channel O Music Awards back in 2012

Throwback Thursday is a good day to look back  and celebrate the life of our favourite artists by looking at a different era from their lives. Today we are looking at one of Mzansi’s original emcees, Pro Kid. Known as ‘Pro and ProKid, Linda Mkhize, was born 25 June 1981 in Soweto, South Africa. He is a Hip Hop artist who was signed to the Gallo Record Company after his independently released track ‘Soweto’ gained popularity. He has been releasing hit singles such as Fede Fokol, Bhampa, Sekele, Uthini Ngo Pro. He has fashioned himself as an advocate for kasi living and the township culture.

He is arguably one of the rappers who made rapping in vernacular popular in the times where rappers like Proverb were rapping in English. He kept the punchlines coming and the flow was dope. In fact, his sound fits into the current state of South African hip hop state and I’m sure he would make a killing if he dropped anything right now. He hasn’t dropped any music in a while and since 2016 is proving to be a good year for SA hip hop, we are praying to the hip hop ancestors for a release from him.

Check out the video below, the quality is not so great but the sound is still nice. If you look closely, you can spot rapper AKA towards the end of the video.

Pro-Kid- Bhampa



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