REVIEW: Aewon Wolf- Saucy Things ft. Garde & Chris Snakes
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Aewon Wolf is on a different wave these days and man we are digging it. The Durban rapper has dropped his latest joint, Saucy Things, along with a video treatment. This one features artists who, in my opinion we should look forward to this year, Garde and Chris Snakes.

Saucy Things is such a chilled and laid back song that is not pretentious or trying to be something which it is not. It’s young, it’s vibrant, it’s brand new and most importantly, it is authentic. Garde and Chris Snakes jump on this futuristic Trap Soul style beat they introduce themselves.

Aewon Wolf does not take over the track but he actually lets the guys have fun and flex their skills. If this is what it’s like to be part of the Wolf Pack, where do we sign up?

This video for Saucy Things is such a great thing to watch on a Wednesday morning in 2018. For real. No gas, just real talk. The way in which it was shot is creative a slight bit out of the norm. In fact, the way in which video treatments are handled by forward thinking artists nowadays is so refreshing and truly stamps the fact that we are on to a new phase of the artistry.

Saucy Things start off when the guys enter what looks like an old school diner and they are just there being cool while Aewon Wolf is doing the things with the sauce. I appreciated the set-up and the location that they chose as well as the post production editing and the camera angles.

The video concept was simple enough but they made it special. Peace to Fire Productions and Aewon Wolf for the quality visuals and the director, Rey for the vision. 

Peep the video below!


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