REVIEW: Here Is What We Think Of AKA’s Triple Single Release
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In the middle of the AKA Twitter-storm, the Supa Mega promised fans a triple release of new music. On Friday, 22 May 2020, AKA kept his word and gave fans who have been anxiously waiting 3 new records titled “Energy”, “Monuments”, and “Cross My Heart”.

Here is what we think of these records.

AKA – Energy (feat. Gemini Major)

‘Energy’ is the highlight record of the three as it features SA Hip Hop’s beloved Gemini Major. What stands out about ‘Energy’ is the Nick Holder ‘Summer Daze’ sample, which is dear to many South Africans. However, beyond this, the production is minimal and spacious. The instrumentation is not as colourful as we’d expect from a song titled ‘Energy’, it does not pack the necessary punch. This song is slightly reminiscent of AKA’s Touch My Blood single ‘Star Signs‘.

Moreover, AKA ditched the autotune for the verses, which is a nice switch up. However, the flow does not feel entirely new – this kind of feels like a continuation of AKA’s collaboration with L-Tido on ‘Amen’. This song would not be misplaced on Touch My Blood.

AKA – Cross My Heart

‘Cross My Heart’ is the one with the most hype because AKA opens up about his new love interest since splitting with Baby Momma DJ Zinhle. This song details his love and affection for his 21-year-old love interest who we’ve seen him post online a few times.

The song is catchy and has a nice swing to it. We cannot deny AKA’s ability to make you want to do the two-step. The production is courtesy of Tweezy and the instrumental acts as a perfect vehicle for AKA’s lyrics, allowing him to get into a unique sound pocket. The production is brighter and reminds us of a cool Summer night on our way to an easy sundowner. This track is not exactly a ballad but it expresses the affection that AKA has for his love interest quite well. This record is undoubtedly the better of the three both lyrically and sonically.

 Monuments (Feat. Yanga Chief & Grandmaster Ready D)

‘Monuments’ is a record featuring AKA’s frequent collaborator Yanga Chief and the legendary Grandmaster Ready D. This record takes us back to the true essence of Hip Hop with the scratching, the hard and rigid production of the late 90s era of Hip Hop and the cultural soundbites.

What’s unexpected about this song is the delivery. It is a mismatch from the production as AKA is Rap-Singing the hook and is very laid back on the verse. He is not as aggressive as you’d expect on an instrumental like this. Moreover, it seemed like AKA needed to show fans and his peers that he can still rap and talk that talk. Even though AKA did his thing, Yanga Chief really held his own.

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